About us

The goal of Supergreens is to help as many people as possible to get more through fresh and sustainable food. Our solution? Spirulina! These blue-green algae are packed with healthy cholesterol, iron, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene and much more.

In addition, Supergreens' spirulina is grown in an extremely sustainable way. For example, one gram of protein from our spirulina is 10,000 times more sustainable than protein from beef. This is due to the fact that spirulina is below the food chain. You therefore consume the newborn directly without first being absorbed via plants or animals. In addition, our spirulina grows in reactors that are economical to emit as little CO2 as possible.

Although powdered spirulina has been available in the Netherlands for some time, it is impossible to buy 100% fresh spirulina.

The advantage of fresh spirulina is that it comes directly from the farmer, so it is completely unprocessed and contains no preservatives or other additives. Another additional advantage is that fresh spirulina is certainly tasteless, unlike the strong taste of spirulina powder. Finally, fresh spirulina is documented to contain more than powder. You can compare it to a fresh apple or a powdered apple. Which one do you think is healthier?

We are a young company and we like personal contact with our customers. That is why we deliver our products ourselves and work with delivery rounds. Twice a month we drive across the country to deliver all orders. Will we also visit you soon?