Wat is het verschil tussen verse spirulina en spirulina in poedervorm?

What is the difference between fresh spirulina and powdered spirulina?

You may already know that spirulina is a very nice addition to your daily diet. But what is the difference between fresh spirulina and powdered spirulina? We're going to give you some explanation.

What exactly is 'fresh spirulina'?

Fresh means really fresh at Supergreens. Every week, our supplier harvests the fresh spirulina that is grown in bioreactors. Our spirulina is freshly packaged immediately after harvesting and is therefore in the most natural state possible for consumption.' Supergreens spirulina is not dried and processed. It also contains no additives and is therefore 100% pure.

Why fresh spirulina is a healthier choice.

You can always find spirulina in the store in powder or tablet form. The reason Supergreens only offers fresh spirulina is because the nutrients of the plant are better preserved when you add fresh spirulina to your diet. In addition, our supplier has a controlled cultivation method. As a result, our spirulina is free of harmful bacteria and toxins.

Spirulina powder and tablets can contain unwanted substances, such as heavy metals or toxins. This is usually because the spirulina was grown in contaminated water, or because it was exposed to contaminants during the production process.

Another possible cause of toxins in spirulina is the way it is harvested. Some manufacturers use chemicals such as lead acetate to promote and accelerate algae growth. This can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the spirulina.

Our fresh spirulina grows inside bioreactors, which means that this absolutely does not apply to our spirulina. To ensure that we offer the highest quality spirulina, our supplier regularly tests the quality.

Fresh spirulina is a sustainable choice

Supergreens spirulina is at the bottom of the food chain. You therefore consume the nutrients directly, without first being absorbed by plants or animals.

Supergreens' spirulina is also grown in a very sustainable way. It grows in reactors optimized to emit as little CO2 as possible. Our reactors are simply located in the Netherlands, which means that little transport is required to reach the users.

A fun fact and a nice comparison for a better idea of ​​how sustainable our spirulina is: the production of the proteins in Supergreens spirulina is 10,000x more sustainable per m2 than beef and 134x more sustainable than soy.

No hassle with pills or powders

Not a fan of pills and powders? we understand! The way of taking also differs from that of pills and powders. You can easily add fresh spirulina to your breakfast. For example, mix it into your yogurt or smoothie. You can even add it to your coffee! Your breakfast will have a nice dark green color, but you won't taste it because of the neutral taste.

Curious about other ideas on how you can easily incorporate your fresh spirulina into your diet? For more recipe ideas for using your fresh spirulina, just click on this link .

A healthier, more sustainable and easier choice

Our fresh spirulina contains many nutrients and because it is packed immediately after harvesting, it does not contain any additives and is in the most natural state possible. The production process is extremely sustainable. And taking fresh spirulina is as easy as adding milk to your coffee. An absolute win-win-win situation.

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