Verse spirulina - hoe gebruik je dat nou eigenlijk?

Fresh spirulina - how do you actually use it?

Many people are familiar with the spirulina pills and powders. But fresh spirulina is something else! Besides the fact that this looks different, it is also slightly different to use. We will tell you how Supergreens spirulina can be used.

What is actually meant by 'fresh spirulina'?

Supergreens therefore offers fresh Spirulina, so that the nutrients of the plant are better preserved. But what is this actually? For us, fresh really means fresh. Our spirulina is harvested weekly, immediately freshly packaged and then delivered to our customers in as natural a state as possible. You can hardly get fresher! Our spirulina therefore does not come in powder form. It is not dried and processed. It comes out of the bioreactor alive and is immediately packaged and/or frozen. It also contains no additives and is therefore 100% pure. And liquid! Very easy to incorporate into your meals.

Okay, that all sounds really good. Do you have a few tips for me on how to properly incorporate this into my food?

We sure have! You can easily add fresh spirulina to your breakfast. By adding it to your yogurt or smoothie, for example, you can easily incorporate it into your breakfast. And even in your coffee! It gives your breakfast a nice dark green color. But because fresh spirulina has a neutral taste, you won't taste it.

Another tasty way to incorporate it into your breakfast is to make a chia pudding with it. This gives your already healthy chia pudding an even more superfood boost. So this simple and healthy recipe from culy is a huge health booster.

Want to eat spirulina later in the day? Then you can use it in your favorite pesto recipe, for example. This pesto recipe from 'Eef kookt zo' is really delicious! Mix in your spirulina and you're done! Please note that when you divide the pesto over several plates, you also add spirulina for the same number of people. ;-)

Not in the mood for a green colored meal every day?

Making a spirulina lemonade is done in no time! For 6 glasses of super healthy limo you can usethis recipe from 'Eef kookt zo'. When the lemonade is ready, add the spirulina and your spirulina limo is ready for consumption!

Or how about making your own ice cream! When you let spirulina thaw and leave it for a day, the phycocyanin separates from the chlorophyll, creating a beautiful blue dye. This dye is often used for ice cream. So it is also easy to process in your dessert!

Finally, we would like to point out that you cannot heat Supergreens spirulina above 50 degrees. The active substances will then work less well. Also good to take into account: Fresh spirulina can be stored in a refrigerator and can be kept for up to a week. Frozen spirulina can be stored in the freezer and can be kept for up to six months.

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