Spirulina zonder zware metalen

Spirulina without heavy metals

Spirulina has gained a lot of popularity as a dietary supplement in recent years. But unfortunately spirulina alone does not always appear to be safe. Several reports show that people have become ill after taking spirulina powder or tablets. In this blog we tell you more about why certain spirulina can be toxic and why Supergreens spirulina is a safe product.

Spirulina with toxins

You may be hesitant to take spirulina because of the potential for contamination with toxins such as heavy metals. This contamination often arises because spirulina, especially in Asia and South America, is harvested on a large scale in open water. Unfortunately, in these areas we often have to deal with industrial pollution and agricultural poisons, which can contaminate the water sources where spirulina is grown. A big problem, because heavy metals can lead to serious health problems when ingested in large quantities. Fortunately, there is no reason to always be afraid of poisonous spirulina. There are a number of reliable parties that monitor the quality of their spirulina very closely.

Safe spirulina from Supergreens

At Supergreens, we know how important it is to offer high quality, safe spirulina. That's why we grow our spirulina in a controlled environment, without any exposure to heavy metals or other toxic substances. In this way we can guarantee our customers that our spirulina is free of heavy metals.*

The spirulina is grown in this controlled environment in specially designed tanks. Here, exactly the right amount of light, water and nutrients are given, so that the spirulina can grow optimally. This way the quality of the spirulina can be guaranteed.


It is important to be careful where you buy spirulina, because unfortunately there are quite a few contaminated products on the market. By choosing a reliable Dutch supplier, such as Supergreens, you can enjoy the many benefits that spirulina has to offer without worrying about toxic substances.

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