Supergreens heeft nieuwe verpakkingen!

Supergreens has new packaging!

We are very excited about our new recyclable stand up pouches! Supergreens is always working to reduce our impact on the environment. And with these stand-up pouches we are happy to contribute again!


Our new stand-up pouches are made of mono plastic, which means that they consist of one type of plastic and are therefore super easy to recycle. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the environment. In addition, the packaging has a paper feel finish, which gives the packaging a natural feel and makes it look beautiful.

The Supergreens stand-up pouches can - in their entirety - simply be disposed of with the plastic waste (recycle code 4). In this way they can be properly recycled and we can contribute to a more sustainable society. The materials used are one of the most suitable plastics for recycling. For example, household foil and carrier bags are made from it.

Good for the environment and for the spirulina!

The stand up pouches are made of barrier plastic. Due to this addition, the material has an excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture and aromas, so that the Spirulina remains optimally protected until at least the end of its best-before date.

We are very happy with our new stand up pouches! With this we are taking another step in sustainability within Supergreens. Would you also like to try Supergreens? You can order in our webshop !

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